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About Me

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to working with you.

Brittney Bailey is a HECM Loan Specialist who enjoys educating and helping her clients with their reverse mortgage needs. She is devoted to helping her clients and borrowers continue to do the things that they love and pursue the best retirement possible. She enjoys having conversations and hearing stories from the older generation.

“I’ve come to love spending time and having discussions with seniors, because they make me appreciate life,” said Brittney. “They often give me life advice and I end up learning so much from them. The older generation is extremely sweet and they show me just how precious life can be. They also offer me a good reminder to slow down, savor every minute and cherish my friends and family.”

She has worked extensively with the Veterans community, where she assisted war-time veterans in qualifying for VA benefits to pay for Assisted Living. She also helps senior citizens learn how to play the piano and how to practice Pilates at her local recreation center.

Brittney currently lives in Denver, Colorado. She enjoys singing and playing the piano and organ. She also enjoys riding her bike, paddle boarding, yoga, and spending time with her children. She’s a huge sci-fi nerd and has even attending a few Star Trek conventions!

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