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The RMF Experience

Banks & Credit Unions

What banking & credit union professionals need to know about reverse mortgages


More than ever, older borrowers are looking for versatile solutions to fund their ever-changing retirement needs. And with 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day, you can be sure that more and more retirees will be looking to reverse mortgages to offer income-tax-free cash* and a standby line of credit to close the gap on their retirement finances.


At RMF, we want to help you seamlessly add this strategic financial tool to your product mix — giving you more solutions to offer your borrowers and helping your institution to thrive even in uncertain times.


We provide you with the necessary technology, marketing tools and training to educate borrowers on the benefits of reverse mortgages and assist you in originating reverse mortgage loans, while we take care of the rest. RMF will process, underwrite, close, fund and service your borrowers’ loans.


By partnering with RMF, you gain access to a reverse mortgage lending platform designed specifically for your institution. We make it easy to offer this vital loan to your borrowers 55* and older, which can help improve member retention and generate additional revenue — without having to add infrastructure to support the origination process.


Contact me to learn more about how your institution can partner with RMF.


We’ll treat your borrowers with the level of care and respect they’ve come to expect from you, and let you focus on your core business while still helping them find the right solution to their retirement funding needs.


*Not tax advice. Consult a tax professional.