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Discover if you’re eligible for a reverse mortgage

Reverse mortgages are fast becoming a popular financial planning tool — but they’re not right for everyone.
Check if you fit the requirements.


Borrower Profile

  • All borrowers on the home’s title must be at least 55*. The older you are, the more funds you can receive from a reverse mortgage
  • The property must serve as your primary residence for the life of the reverse mortgage. That means vacation homes and rental properties are not eligible
  • You’ll meet with a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-approved reverse mortgage counselor to make sure you fully understand and are comfortable with the reverse mortgage process and terms of your loan

Eligible properties

  • Single-family homes, or 2-to-4 unit properties with one unit occupied by you
  • Manufactured homes (built after June 1976) that meet HUD requirements
  • Condominiums that are FHA-approved
  • Townhouses

Financial requirements

  • You have the financial ability and willingness to meet your loan obligations, which include paying property-related taxes and insurance, and keeping up with regular home maintenance and repairs


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