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RMF customers share their experience working with us

I’m proud to have earned the trust of so many happy borrowers. Read what clients have to say about their experience working together.

"I was very happy I refinanced my reverse mortgage with RMF. Dan Jostedt, who was the loan specialist, was incredible to work with throughout the entire process. He was knowledgeable, efficient, thoughtful and helpful in many ways. He was always friendly and caring and very supportive. He responded to my emails and phone messages quickly and knew when an email would be a better way to communicate or when a phone call would be a better choice. I particularly appreciated him sending an email when I needed to review written materials more than once so that I could take my time and thoroughly understand everything. Dan was an experienced and trustworthy guide throughout the loan process and made everything as easy as possible. I would certainly recommend RMF to anyone who is interested in a reverse mortgage and would give Dan Jostedt and RMF the highest rating of 5 stars. -David F"
"Dan did a wonderful job on this loan for me. Is extremely knowledgeable, very personable and returned all my calls on the same day. He really is a Reverse Mortgage Specialist. And I like the fact that he is in his 70’s and has a Reverse Mortgage himself. A true asset to RMF!!"
"I was very pleased and comfortable working with you as my agent and RMF. You made me feel relaxed. There wasn't a time I had a question or felt I needed questions answered you couldn't answer. You never left me wondering about any possibilities you explained them all. Good Job!!! Thanks again for all your help and service. -Judith S"
"Dan Jostedt treated us with respect and was very helpful that made our experience with our Rev. mortgage great thanks Dan!"
"I was very pleased my husband and I had a chance to work with you. Not only did you present us with clear explanations you were also extremely efficient at getting electronic paperwork to us and explaining how to use it. Plus you were always polite even when our mis-use of the electronic paperwork caused a repeat visit - definitely our fault and not your explanation! We appreciated being viewed as mature clients with intelligent answers to our questions and particularly that the whole process was done in a straight-forward and timely manner. We could not have wished for better treatment and have a high regard for the company that employs you. -Barbara M"
"Dan Jostedt was excellent in introducing me to the Reverse Mortgage concept and then walking me through every step of securing my loan with RMF. He answered every question I had and did so in a completely understandable and timely manner. I would and will recommend him and RMF to anyone wanting to investigate a Reverse Mortgage -Matthew S."
"I like working with you and RMF because you were patient with all of my questions. I really appreciated your going the extra mile several times. For example, you were more than willing to match a quote I had been given"
"Excellent!! Very competent. No fuss and no mistakes service. Questions answered promptly and accurately. Highly recommend."
"I was very satisfied with the whole experience and would recommend them to anyone thinking about getting a reverse mortgage."