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Meet Duanyelle Perry, Your Local Reverse Mortgage Specialist. Proudly Serving the State of Florida, Based Out of the Central Florida Region:

Duanyelle Perry
"I like that I can make a meaningful and long-term difference in the lives of older adults."
Duanyelle Perry
HECM Loan Specialist, NMLS #2111304
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For homeowners age 55* and older, a reverse mortgage is a powerful financial tool that offers financial flexibility by turning part of the equity in your home into funds you can use as you choose.


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"I had a lot of obstacles to overcome in obtaining my reverse mortgage from RMF, but that was do to my limited income, and at times it was difficult to remain positive about the experience. My loan specialist Duanyelle Perry always tried to keep me in a good frame of mind. She also helped me with getting items in my house repaired which needed to be done before the appraisal, some of which I did myself. The appraisal turned out to be more than I expected and was happy about that. Duanyelle was a great person to have as your loan specialist, always upbeat and positive. Thanks again Duanyelle"
"Ms. Duanyelle Perry of Reverse Mortgage Finance provided all the help and assistance I needed to secure a mortgage with her company. She was professional and very knowledgeable. She was patient and considerate as the guided us though the process. As a representative of her company, she was excellent."
"Excellent Loan quality and Support. Took out loan several years ago and recently refinanced. All went very smoothly with efficient and courteous agents. Only gripe was not being able to access data and get advances online, which has now been corrected with good online access."

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A video message from Duanyelle:

We are proud to continually earn high praise from our customers.

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