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About Me

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to working with you.

Jim Logghe has been in the mortgage industry for almost 50 years and started working in the reverse mortgage industry in 2015 after being retired for a couple of years.

Jim is passionate about the industry that he works in and is extremely dedicated to educating homeowners on the benefits of a reverse mortgage.

“Since I went through the reverse mortgage process myself, I completely
understand the benefits and how the process works. I enjoy being able to educate people and ensure they are making decisions that will maximize the use of their home equity,” said Jim.

Jim’s geographic area includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California.
He currently resides in Bellingham, Washington where he’s lived for 53 years. He enjoys music and is part of a RV group.

Contact Jim Logghe to learn about how he can help you with your reverse
mortgage needs!